3 of Our Favorite Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartLists

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SmartLists in Microsoft Dynamics GP is the spot to find some of our favorite features in the software. Remember that these features are all in the standard SmartLists found in Dynamics GP, you don’t need to do anything special to find them. Find out how to maximize the use of your Dynamics GP; here are 3 of our favorite features in SmartLists:


  1. Reminders - You can set up reminders that show on your homepage of Dynamics GP. For instance, you can see customers over their credit limit, customer accounts on hold, number of inventory items when quantities available start to get low, overdue shipments and even expiration dates like HR licensing and certification renewals. How handy!
  2. Set up Favorites - Make the views you see unique to you and your preferences. You can set up certain columns to be visible, or maybe certain classes of customers, departments of employees or something from a range of dates. You can share these views with other users or make it visible to only you, whatever you prefer.
  3. Perfect Use of the Limited User - New back with the GP2013 release, the Limited User license has become more helpful than ever.  This is a very cost-effective way to make sure that people within your company can see important information when they need to,  even if it is only on a ReadOnly view.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for more updates from Microsoft Dynamics GP to come, or let us know if you have questions. We at Logan Consulting, your Chicago-based Dynamics GP partner, are here to help.

by Logan Consulting

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