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In this article, we’ll explore what you can expect from the Business Intelligence software conference event of the season, #BI360Focus15, hosted by Solver, Inc. August 25th-27th in Marina del Rey, California.

It seems like time is flying at record speed, right?  Microsoft Convergence was only a few months ago, but we’re about to cross into the second half of 2015.  And with new work that has come out of conferences like Convergence, including new partnerships and other Business Intelligence (BI) summits that have come and gone in the meantime, here we are with summer 2015 in full swing.  With calendars starting to fill in with events, strategy sessions, family trips, and business travel, this article will zoom in on the BI software event of the summer, BI360 Focus 2015, Solver’s yearly partner and user conference.  Let’s talk about what you can expect this year by looking back at last year’s conference and looking ahead at the August event.


Firstly, I should tell you that Focus 2014 was a really amazing conference, and let me tell you why: the event is a smart blend of work and play.  Regarding the work you can accomplish, there are 4 different tracks of educational workshops, as well as an interactive learning lab, for hands-on work alongside BI360 experts that are all hands on deck to help you maximize the return on your investment in the product to meet your particular business goals.  Furthermore, the first day of the event is all about the substantial ecosystem of BI360 reselling partners, with a focus on topics ranging from sales and marketing to technical support of the suite.  When it comes to play, Focus 2015 is hosted in gorgeous, sunny Southern California in sweet Marina del Rey, right across the marina and beach volleyball.  The Marriott was recently remodeled, offering breathtaking views from the main lobby to the rooftop space.  Whether dining in the Bayview Ballroom at the top of the hotel or hanging poolside with a partner, the space delivers 360˚ views of beach cities and the ocean.  However, the best part is arguably the opportunities to network.

I am most proud of how naturally social, collaborative, and productive the conference is for attendees from around the world.  With so many value-added resellers (VARs), hundreds of users from diverse industries, sectors, and levels of business, as well as our full Solver team from around the globe all in one place, the event produces professional learning and networking fireworks, all while in one of the most beautiful beach cities in Los Angeles.  And that was last year.  This year will continue the tradition of social, strong networking, but bigger and better for new and returning attendees alike.

To continue learning more Focus 2015, read the rest of this article here.

by Solver, Inc.

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