Tips for Using SharePoint with Dynamics AX 2012

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Chances are you’re already using SharePoint to collaborate within your organization as well as externally, but now there is a handy integration between AX and SharePoint.  Since the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, you’ve been able to utilize SharePoint document libraries to store attachments and documents within AX.  The ability to store AX documents in the same location as the rest of your documents is convenient.

Tridea has gone through a few implementations of SharePoint with AX 2012 document management, and there are a few things you should know to make your implementation smooth.  To get started with the setup, you can refer to the following TechNet article which gives a helpful outline of what needs to be prepared in AX.  You can set AX up to work with SharePoint online or on premise.

Configure and use Microsoft Dynamics AX document management with Microsoft SharePoint document libraries

Once you have AX configured, there are a few things of which you should take note:

  • Make sure your SharePoint document library does not have any spaces in the name. If there are spaces, the documents will fail to upload.
  • If your AX is hosted in a shared environment, make sure the IE settings are set to allow file downloads, or add your SharePoint site as a trusted site. Otherwise when you attempt to open a previously saved document in AX, it may fail.
  • Currently, you cannot not have spaces in the file names for PDF documents. If you do, it will upload just fine, but you won’t be able to view it through AX.  Office documents don’t appear to have this limitation.

The setup to integrate AX with SharePoint is fairly straightforward, and by noting the tips above, you should be up and running in no time. Contact Tridea for more information!

This post was written by Jason Federspiel,  Senior AX Functional Consultant at Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider serving CA, AZ, UT, CO, NH and surrounding regions.

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