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Ten New Features Included in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 has released and is available for download. There are over 25 new features in this release, ten of which are listed below.

  • Ability to Display Debits Before Credits

This is one of the most suggested changes from users. In R2, the Debit column is now displayed before the Credit column by default in account transaction reporting options. This applies to SmartLists and Excel Reports, as well as the database tables and views on which the reports are based.

  1. Purchasing All in One Document View

This is a newly designed window inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 that enables users to view related purchasing documents in the same window.  Accessible from the Vendor Maintenance window, many purchasing inquiry windows, Navigation lists, and even the Home Page, this window will save users time in searching for all relevant information for a purchasing document.  The most recent documents will default into the window and to see the next set of 5 transactions use the navigation buttons under each column.

  1. Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists

This feature provides improvements to SmartLists and Excel Reports for Analytical Accounting (AA) transaction information. The first improvement is an expansion of the amount of information available to be included as columns in the AA SmartLists and Excel Reports. AA tracks a lot of information for each record, and Microsoft has included more of this data in the SmartLists and Excel Reports.

They’ve also improved the way the AA dimension code information displays in the lists. In prior releases, the lists contained a single column for the AA transaction dimension code. Thus, if the company is tracking more than one dimension on a transaction, multiple lines are required in the list for a distribution entry. In GP2015 R2, they’ve updated the SmartLists and Excel Reports to display a column for each transaction dimension, showing the code assigned for that dimension.

  1. Automatically Deposit Cash Receipts

This feature provides the option to have cash receipts directly update the checkbook balance without the need to manually post the cash receipt deposit in Bank

Reconciliation. This option was previously available in Analytical Accounting. In Microsoft Dynamic GP2015 R2, the option is made available in the core dictionary, expanding the option to companies not using Analytical Accounting.

To select the option, mark the “Automatically post cash receipt deposits” checkbox in the Company Setup Options window.

When this option is marked, cash receipts entered in Cash Receipt Entry, Receivables Transaction Entry, Sales Transaction Entry, and Invoice Entry will be deposited automatically in the checkbook, updating the checkbook balance.

  1. Customer Credit Limit Visual

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, you have additional options that determine how and when you are notified of a customer who is over the credit limit you set for them.  In Receivables Setup, you can select to display an icon or give a warning message for a customer who is over their limit. The existing process for an existing credit limit password will still be asked when entering a line item or saving a transaction.

  1. Enable Email on All Purchase Order and Sales Order Document Formats

The Print Options for Sales Orders/Purchase Orders currently only support email for ‘Blank’ document formats.  This feature will support email for any document format for all Purchase/Sales Order documents.

This feature is supported when printing from the Transaction Entry Window, Navigation Lists, and Print Purchasing/Sales Documents window.

  1. Employee Self Service – W2

One of the top suggestions for employee self-service functionality is to let the employee view and print their own W2.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, this functionality is now available as part of the Time Management self-service.

  1. Combine General Ledger Inquiry

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 in General Ledger, the inquiry windows have been consolidated.  Now, you can view open and historical information in the same window for Summary Inquiry, Detail Inquiry and for Account Summary.  Any Go-Tos or drill backs will now go to the single window instead of the user picking open or history.

  1. Historical Received Not Invoiced Report

A new SQL Reporting Services Report based off the current Received Not Invoiced report but add new functionality by adding a cutoff date based on transaction date or GL Post Date to allow customers to use the report for Historical purposes.  This report will allow users to see what was received into inventory but not invoiced yet as of a specific date.

  1. Mask Employee SSN on Reports

This feature will provide an option for the Payroll Administrator to mask the employee social security numbers on a predefined list of payroll reports.  If the admin selects to apply the mask for a particular report, when generated, the employee social security number field on the report will appear with a XXX-XX-XXXX mask.

Microsoft Dynamics GP R2 was released on June 1, 2015. If you need help installing the update or an explanation of any of the new features, contact Stoneridge Software.

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