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Uber has recently hit the streets in Fargo and already has become probably the most popular way for people to get around. The concept is still the same as in 1625 when the first carriages for hire would transport people from point A to point B. So why is Uber so popular? The answer is simple - technology.

With Uber, customers can view the taxis around them, get an immediate estimate of fare and arrival time, and hail the taxi all through an app on their smart phone. On June 11, 2015 investor Chris Sacca told Bloomberg that Uber’s worth is at least $200 billion and rising. Not bad for a company only 6 years old.

If Uber has taught us anything, it’s that technology can bring big profits to any business. We’ve seen our customers increase their cash flow and bottom line by implementing mobile solutions in their businesses. Our customers that are implementing mobile solutions are those with technicians in the field who need to stay better connected to their home office.

wennsoftAfter downloading Key2Act’s Mobile Tech onto a smartphone or tablet, field technicians can:

  • Record what was done, how long it took and what parts were used
  • Capture customer signatures, issue invoices and receive payments
  • Access information about customer history and equipment before and during a call
  • Document opportunities for additional work
  • Transmit call summaries back to the office
  • Perform upcoming scheduled maintenance while onsite for an emergency call

That information is then immediately shared with office personnel, allowing inventory levels to be updated, invoices to be generated and to eliminate the need for any data entry.

Take your business to an uber level and implement the technology that will help you get there. You will see an ROI not only financially but in the morale of your employees.

Learn more about Mobile Tech from Stoneridge Software, one of ten Key2Act Executive Partners.

Key2Act was formerly WennSoft, the construction and field service management technology leader.

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