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Masking Social Security Numbers in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

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According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Once a malicious person has your social security number in hand, they can use it to apply for credit cards and secure loans in your name while leaving you with the bill. The process to repair the damage done by an identity thief is time-consuming and expensive, with the cost to the victim at an average of $5,130.

The pain for an individual is magnified when your business is involved. Target is currently in the middle of a class action lawsuit from their 2013 data breach in which personal information from 70 million customers was breached. Their business has suffered losses in consumer confidence and their stock plunged.

A more realistic scenario for a small to medium business is an employee stealing personal information from information found around the office. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 includes a new feature that masks social security numbers so they do not show up on reports.

The payroll administrator now has the option to mask the Social Security numbers on a predefined list of reports within Microsoft Dynamics GP without having to make Report Writer modifications. At the same time, they can choose to not mask the Social Security Number for reports that may need the Social Security Numbers to display due to state or federal requirements such as W-2s. If the Payroll Administrator selects to apply the mask for one of the predefined reports, when generated, the employee’s social security number field will appear with a XXX-XX-XXXX mask.

The following reports will be applicable for masking:

  • Check Register
  • Cross Company Employee Address List
  • Cross Company Vacation/Sick Time Available List
  • Direct Deposit Check Register
  • Direct Deposit Detail List
  • Direct Deposit List
  • Direct Deposit Register
  • Direct Deposit Statement of Earnings
  • Earnings Register
  • Employee Address List
  • Employee Checks Other-D
  • Employee Checks Other-L
  • Employee Checks Stub on Bottom-D
  • Employee Checks Stub on Top and Bottom-L
  • Employee Checks Stub on Top-D
  • FICA Wage Report
  • FUTA Summary
  • FUTA Summary - Consolidated
  • Manual Check Register
  • Precheck Report
  • Reprint Check Register
  • Reprint Vac/Sick Accrual Register
  • State Wage And Hour Report
  • SUTA Summary
  • SUTA Summary - Consolidated
  • Vacation/Sick Time Accrual Register
  • Vacation/Sick Time Available List
  • Workers Compensation Summary
  • Workers Compensation Summary - Consolidated

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