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3 Responses to “Fixed Assets Additions Have No Accounts in GL Posting FAADD”

  1. Hi Kayla:

    That sounds like you may not have your Account Groups tied to your Classes and/or you did not successfully add the appropriate Account Group to your asset(s).

    To manually add an account group: In Cards>Fixed Assets>Account Groups select your asset and look up or type in the necessary Account Group for that asset.

    To automate the addition of account groups: in Financial>Setup>Fixed Assets>Class select each of your classes and associate the corresponding Account Group so that when you add and asset and select the class it should be in, the Accounts auto populate.

    To ensure that all assets have a generic Account Group in case you miss one, in Financial>Setup>Company tick off “Require Account” and you’ll be prompted to enter the default accounts for the case of an asset being added and not selecting an account group.

    If you verify that you HAVE added the Account Groups, then I would recommend backing up your database and running CheckLinks on those items.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    • Althea says:

      I do not see an option for Fixed Assets in CheckLinks. Where is this? I ran the script above and it did not help. Used IM to import 700 assets and a couple dozen came into the FA to GL with blank accounts. Very strange that not all or none.

  2. Kayla says:

    My assets all have accounts but FA00400 is empty any ideas?

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