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Dynamics GPUG: ‘Cooking Up’ New Things for Users

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Computer user groups rose to popularity in the ’70s and ’80s as personal computing experienced its revolution. In the early days, user groups were an effective way to receive training and technical support, especially before the internet made access to almost limitless information commonplace.

While such user groups may not enjoy the same popularity today as they did in the past, they have paved the way for more specific groups to take their place. The Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) is one such example.

The GPUG’s Mission

The GPUG describes itself as “by users, for users.” Their mission statement goes on to say:

"The idea for the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) grew from the vision of a few Microsoft Dynamics® users - to connect with other Dynamics users and learn firsthand the best way to leverage the software they used every day. From that initial vision to the official founding of the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG), and continuing today, our mission has never wavered: to maximize the value to individuals and companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We look at everything we do, from our educational offerings to our member benefits to our annual user conference, as a way to help members achieve your ultimate goal - growing your knowledge and competency in your Dynamics GP system."

GPUG Benefits

Because of its user-centric focus, the GPUG offers a number of significant benefits to its members:

  • As with any user group, one of the main benefits is the ability to connect with other GP users, 24/7, and receive help with the issues and questions you have. Best of all, rather than being the kind of abstract knowledge you would expect from a textbook, the GPUG affords you the ability to connect with individuals who are filling the same role you are—giving you access to specific advice tailored to your circumstances.
  • The GPUG provides recorded webinars and presentation materials that can be used to train your employees.
  • The GPUG Academy features expert instructors and hands-on, as well as virtual, training environments. You can even earn CPE credits through Academy courses.
  • Another, often overlooked, advantage of GPUG membership is the ability to establish yourself and your company as Dynamics GP experts, opening the door for consulting and other business opportunities.

GPUG Summit

GPUG Summit is another advantage that members get to experience. Hosted yearly, the conference is an opportunity for members to meet and discuss their experiences with GP, and what is currently working for them.

In an interview that Anya Ciecierski, of CAL Business Solutions, conducted with a GPUG director, she heard  GPUG Summit likened to a coffee shop experience: “It is a more intimate, focused setting. Its sole purpose is to provide unique experiences for Dynamics Users to have real, honest conversations with other Users about what technologies they’re using, what’s working, what’s not, how they’ve solved specific issues, or how someone else in the same role uses Dynamics. The interactions with Dynamics senior leaders come in the form of intimate Conduit meetings and the quick-fire Town Hall meeting.”

Whatever your experience with Dynamics GP, from a new user just getting started to a seasoned veteran with knowledge to share, the GPUG should be part of your Dynamics experience. Between the networking, ongoing training and opportunity to establish yourself as a GP expert, GPUG is well worth the investment.

About the Author: Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx, a Certified Microsoft Partner. Journyx maximizes the value of Microsoft Dynamics by adding enterprise time tracking. Journyx Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics allows companies to quickly implement a complete time tracking solution using existing business data in Dynamics. Connect with Curt on Google+.

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