Dynamics GP Licensing explained for Microsoft Beginners

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Licensing models from Microsoft and Dynamics GP have evolved over the years, and they can seem quite complicated to prospective buyers and even existing Dynamics clients.

This brief blog article will just touch on the highlights of licensing models. Please feel free to download the COMPLETE Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Licensing Guide from our website.


There are basically two parts of the Microsoft Dynamics GP program to obtain and maintain licensing - Solution Functionality and User Access to the Solution Functionality. Solution Functionality is the core software program and User Access licenses are necessary to allow Users of different access types to be productive inside of the Solution Functionality of Dynamics GP.

Solution Functionality for new Dynamics GP 2015 implementations is delivered through the REQUIRED “Starter Pack” and the suggested but optional “Extended Pack”. The Starter Pack includes the core financials and distribution functionality to give businesses the ability to:

  • Gain control over and insights to your finances
  • Manage product sales and manage material items in a distribution environment
  • Provide licensed users a singular view of the business from any location with the appropriate connectivity and devices.

The available Extended Pack adds even more functionality which integrates the core financials and distribution capabilities with industry specific functionality extensions such as:

  • Manufacturing to support and control the manufacturing environment
  • Advanced Supply Chain Management for extended distribution
  • Project Accounting to manage billables generated by consultants
  • Field service

The next step is to determine the number and type of Users you will need and what TYPE of access, Full or Limited, they will need to work with the Solution Functionality. The required Starter Pack comes with three Full Concurrent User licenses. This is where the fun begins – defining different types of User access and licenses. The chart below is a simple diagram to help visualize:


Full Users - have unrestricted access, direct or indirect, to all functionality from the licensed server software including setting up, administering and managing all parameters and functional processes across Dynamics GP 2015.

Limited Users – have restricted access in some areas of Dynamics GP 2015. Limited Users have Full access to “Read” any data through any client, but only have “Write” access as a Self-Serve user or through non-Microsoft created windows.

Self-Serve Users – These are limited users with access only to the ESS Employee, ESS PTE Employee and the ESS Purchase Requester role ID’s for the purpose of entering and retrieving their own personalized data.

These User Types are also further defined as Client Access Licenses or “CALs”. These include:

Concurrent CALs - The number of concurrent CALs licensed refers to the maximum number of users that may access the ERP solution simultaneously. You may select the Full CAL or Limited CAL as concurrent CAL types.

User CALs – These are specific to each User and may not be shared with other Users and are Self-Serve Users.

At this point I will refer readers to our Custom Information Services’ Resource Center to download the full explanation of Dynamics GP 2015 licensing and further explanations of the Subscription Licensing model and Multiplexing. This is a complex topic and hopefully you have gained some insight into the current Perpetual Licensing model from Microsoft.

Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Perpetual Licensing, Managed Services and additional software solutions for your business:

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