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What Can Limited Users in Microsoft Dynamics GP Do?

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    There are three different types of users in Microsoft Dynamics GP that have various levels of functionality and capabilities. Each user comes at a different price point as well, which allows businesses to give access to users who need fewer rights at a lower price.

    Limited User licenses are 80 percent less expensive than full Dynamics GP licenses and allow users to see/read all information in Dynamics GP. These users are only able to enter their own employee information in the system.

    These Limited User roles can be set for Financial, Inventory, Purchasing, Payroll and Sales tasks. These users also can run reports, including SmartList reports.

    We’ve seen a lot of interest in Limited User Capabilities and are holding a one-hour Learn Over Lunch webinar to showcase all of the different functionality, offer a complete list of reports available to a limited user, give information on SQL CALS and also an overview of Self-Serve Users.


    Thursday, June 4

    11 a.m. to noon CST
    Limited User Capabilities and Functionality

    During this hour presentation, you'll learn the capabilities and functionality of different GP users, how to set up each user, access rights, and how to change security settings. This session will focus mainly on limited and full users.


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