Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel

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If you have performed any amount of report or inquiry work within Microsoft Dynamics® GP, you are probably familiar with SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder, SQL Reporting Services (SRS/SSRS), Crystal Reports, and many other development tools. Many of these tools require an understanding of a relational database and table linking logic to build reports.

 Due to some of the complexities of these and other reporting tools, I’m asked on a regular basis if there is a way to perform drag and drop reporting to bypass the often steep learning curve associated with these tools. The answer is: yes! Enter Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel.

 Analysis Cubes enables team members to use Microsoft Excel to quickly develop Business Intelligence (BI) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using a drag and drop method directly in a tool that most financial team members are already familiar with, Excel. No requirements to learn a new skillset.

 Once Analysis Cubes has been deployed, Excel is able to access this pre-built data warehouse to create both pivot charts and pivot tables. The data in the report will be as current as the last data refresh of the data warehouse. This saves the team time from having to update spreadsheets manually.

 This ease of use is accomplished by the design of the Analysis Cubes. Analysis Cubes, and other data warehouses, are designed to compile complex datasets behind the scenes, oftentimes linking multiple tables together, saving the report builder the time commitment to perform this, and other highly complex functions.

 Since the reporting is presented through Excel, the report can be accessed to users who are not Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

 Create amazing Business Intelligence easily:

Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel
Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel


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By Mike Smith, The Resource Group

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