White Paper Reveals 15 Red Flags That Your Accounting Software Is Hurting Your Business

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There is no official business handbook to tell you when your accounting software has outlived its usefulness. It is far too easy to fall into a rut with entry or legacy software that is ill-equipped to handle your organization’s growth and changes. If it takes you too long to realize this, your organization can suffer. Therefore, it is important to understand the warning signs or red flags that indicate your accounting software might be on its last legs.

ERP Software Blog can help you identify some of those warning signs with its new white paper, “15 Red Flags: Is Your Accounting Software Hurting Your Business?” The white paper features stories about 15 real businesses submitted by ERP Software Blog members who are “in the trenches” working with companies like yours every day.

Real life examples include:

  1. Unstable system and slow performance

Industry: Boat accessory manufacturer and distributor

  1. Growing paper problem

Industry: Banking and finance

  1. Production schedule delays

Industry: Automotive parts manufacturer

  1. Inaccurate cost calculations

Industry: Pet food manufacturer

  1. Employees building reports manually

Industry: Healthcare

  1. Selling out-of-stock products

Industry: Office supplies distributor

  1. Errors tracking time and equipment

Industry: Oil and gas

         And 8 more!

For example, one of the featured businesses is a healthcare provider that needed to regularly run several reports in order to meet financial reporting obligations. Employees were not able to use the financial management system to change how data appeared within their reports. Instead, they had to manually compile data from four sources, gather information from each department and cross-reference data, and rely on Excel spreadsheets to verify the accuracy of their formulas.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the company can run financial reports quickly and easily with fully-customized formatting, automated workflows, and systematic routing of reports to those who need to get their hands on them.

14 other organizations mentioned in the white paper also recognized their accounting software’s red flags and implemented Microsoft Dynamic ERP products to alleviate their ailing business processes and embrace their growth.

To read about them all, download the white paper now at www.ERPSoftwareBlog.com/15flags .

By ERP Software Blog Editors, www.erpsoftwareblog.com

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