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Un-apply Historical AR Documents in Dynamics GP

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    If you use the Dynamics GP Accounts Receivable module you are probably aware of the routine called Paid Transaction Removal. This is a standard routine that you need to run if you want to move your paid invoices and/or fully applied credit memos and payments to history (so they no longer show as OPEN).  Running this routine has its advantages. For instance, it makes it much easier to see what is open when inquiring on a customer, and it will allow you to get the paid and applied documents off of the customer statements. Unfortunately running this routine has its disadvantages as well. The big disadvantage is that the “standard” apply window where you can apply, unapply, and re-apply payments and credits to invoices only sees documents that are still open. So if you have moved your documents to history and later realize you have a payment applied to the wrong invoice you cannot unapply the payment and apply it to another invoice.

    Well now you can!!

    GP Receivables Transaction Unapply

    GP Receivables Transaction Unapply

    GP Receivables Transaction Unapply


    Using the Receivables Transaction Unapply window I was able to uncheck the box in the Applied column and it moved the invoice and payment back to the open table which will allow me to apply the payment to another invoice.

    The Receivables Transaction Unapply window is part of the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL). Historically the PSTL had to be purchased, but now it is free! However, it does need to be installed and configured. In addition, you will need to be given security access to the Receivables Transaction Unapply window using the standard GP security roles and tasks.

    After installing the PSTL. Log into GP as ‘sa’, and complete the configuration and security setup. Below are a few more screen shots that should help you, but if you need assistance please email Tridea Partners.

    This article was written by Andy Warner, Dynamics GP Application Consultant for Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider serving clients around the United States.

    GP Receivables Transaction Unapply

    GP Receivables Transaction Unapply

    GP Receivables Transaction Unapply

    by Tridea Partners


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