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Chief financial officers and accounting managers feel the pressure to maintain real-time insight into financial activities in order to position businesses for growth.  Accurate financial data can be difficult to come by when spending occurs outside the office by sales representatives or field services teams.  Paper-based reporting is time-consuming and creates delays in processing spending data, which puts additional delays in preparing reliable financial reports.  Get ahead of spending and control costs by deploying stronger technology.

You aren’t the only one to be frustrated by paper-based expense reporting.  The entire process is fraught with problems from the very beginning.  Sales and field services team have to keep track of fading paper receipts and are distracted from more important tasks when transcribing data from those receipts onto expense forms upon return to the office.  When expense forms are finally completed, they are passed up the chain of command for approval, then over to accounting to be transcribed, again, into accounting systems.  Redundant data entry invites the opportunity for mistakes and the repeated delays in sharing financial data prevents management from using real-time data to make swift business decisions.  Cut though inefficient processes and gain the financial insight that you need by deploying better technology.

Take expense reporting to a whole new level by replacing paper with the technology that your people already have in their hands – their smartphones and tablets.  Concur Expense is an app that can be added to mobile devices and used for collecting and reporting expenses.  Your traveling employees can snap a photo of a receipts for costs incurred while in the field.  Right after lunch with a customer or checking out of a hotel, your traveler can snap a photo of the receipt, connect it to a mobile expense form, which can then be reviewed and approved by managers much faster than when shuffling paper.  You can also connect this process with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  This seamless connection between expenses and your ERP solution offers managers the chance to get closer to the accurate, real-time financial data they need, when they need it.

Replace paper-based expense reporting with a stronger, more efficient solution.  Contact Concur Technology, Inc. to learn how to get ahead of spending and position your business for growth with Concur Expense.

By Concur Technologies, Inc., a Travel & Expense Solution Provider out of Washington

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