MRO Industry Webinar; Dynamics AX for Serviceable Material Strategy

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Webinar:  Thursday, May 28, 12pm CST

The Clients First MRO Consultants and Marketing Team have put together a free presentation geared towards the key factors driving the most lucrative serviceable material strategies and their impact on MROs.

More than 80 percent of the airlines responding to the latest industry survey confirmed that they have paid more attention to used serviceable materials over the past year. The airlines and MROs that have adopted cost-effective sourcing strategies along with advanced proprietary technologies which facilitate the harvesting and refurbishment of used serviceable materials to the standard of new parts, are currently generating substantial savings.

Moreover, new strategies combining the sourcing of used serviceable materials with repairs and recycling activities are continuously being developed to help airlines and MROs find more effective ways to widen their profit margins. Whether or not you are an aviation MRO or a heavy equipment MRO, a serviceable material strategy should be a part of your business solution.

To discover how to make the most of the latest MRO strategies and technologies, we invite you to attend our free MRO webinar. You will learn how to:

  • overcome challenges and achieve the results expected by combining serviceable material strategies with industry best practices and innovative technologies with Dynamics AX’s and the ProMRO technologies.
  • use part harvesting, disassembly, and refurbishment to your advantage;
  • boost your profit margin despite increasing raw material costs.

With all these in mind, you cannot afford to miss our free MRO webinar; Register Now!  Keep in mind that we will not approve registrations with generic domain email addresses.  Sorry, we need your company domain for registration.  If you don’t have a company domain, then reach out to our marketing coordinator to discuss your registration options.

Clients First is a Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV Partner located in Texas.  Call us at 800.331.8382 if you have any questions or you would like to register for our webinar. MRO Webinar


by Clients First South Central

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