How Integration to Microsoft Dynamics Can Improve Your Web Store

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Launching a web store is a great way to give your customers access to your merchandise anytime they want. They can shop at their convenience without having to leave the house. But managing a web store and all the data needed for it to run smoothly is a lot of work that can lead to many frustrations. Integrating your Microsoft Dynamics ERP to your web store relieves some of this stress and helps ensure a better user experience for your customers.

Real-Time Data

When your web store is integrated to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you only have to update one system. Once data is updated in Microsoft Dynamics, it pushes this information out to your web store in real time, making sure the pricing, inventory, product data and shipment dates are all accurate. Having one single source of truth reduces the chance of humor error, time spent managing multiple databases and makes sure a customer never purchases an out-of-stock or incorrectly priced item.

Spend Time on Other Areas

Focus on other areas of your web store while your Microsoft Dynamics ERP is taking care of current orders, inventory, pricing, invoices, customer profiles and payments. With online orders automatically sent to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you’ll have faster order turnaround and won’t be left manually entering information in separate systems. This leaves time for designing your web store’s layout and promoting it to customers. Have your web store work as hard as your Microsoft Dynamics ERP by using responsive web design. This ensures your site will work properly and look great on any web-enabled device. It’s also a best practice as recommended by Google.

By integrating your Microsoft Dynamics ERP to your web store, you’re getting twice the work done and only managing one system. By always having accurate product information on your site, your customers can shop with ease and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Whether your site is B2B or B2C, a k-eCommerce integrated eCommerce solution will take your business to the next level. Check out our website for more information on integration and the benefits it offers. Contact our team for additional questions.

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