Dynamics GP Database is Corrupted

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joannOur client reported the error message:

GPS Error: 58ODBC Error: 37000 and then clicked through that to receive SQL Error: 923.

The client was able to click through that and proceed to work in Dynamics GP without any issues.

After researching, the GPS Error 58ODBC along with Error 37000 could mean that the DYNAMICS db is corrupted and you should use the following script to clean it up:

DBCC checkdb ('DYNAMICS', repair_allow_data_loss)

No one can be in the system while this is running - and be sure to get a good backup before you run this.

However, in this case, it was coupled with a SQL Error 923 which references restricted access in one of the databases.  In this case it was the TEST database.  We did find that the TEST db was, indeed, in Restricted mode and we changed it back to Multi.  Once this was done, the errors stopped appearing.

The interesting thing was that the users were not attempting to log into the TEST db, they were logging into the live Company db.  However, the restriction on TEST caused error messages anyway.

For assistance email ACE GP support or contact ACE Microtechnology

Hope this helps!!

Jo Ann de Ruiter, Sr. Dynamics GP Consultant at ACE

1 thought on “Dynamics GP Database is Corrupted”

  1. Hi Jo Ann, while I realize that this is a test database the customer had issues with, CheckDB with the 'repair allow data loss' option should be used only as a last resort when dealing with database corruption. Any experienced DBA will tell you that running DBCC CHECKDB WITH NO_INFOMSGS first will give you a better idea as to where the corruption is and how to fix it (hopefully without losing any data).

    Hope this helps,
    Kevin E

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