Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – Worker Receiving Against Requisition

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Using the purchase requisition functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, a requester can enter a purchase requisition for an inventoried or non-inventoried item. The purchase requisition is then submitted to a purchase requisition workflow for approval. Once the purchase requisition is approved, it can be manually converted to a purchase order by a buyer or automatically converted to a purchase order upon approval. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 allows the original requester to record a product receipt against their approved requisition/purchase order when the item they requested has been delivered. Recording a product receipt against the requisition/purchase order is performed on the Enterprise portal. This decentralized approach to receiving orders takes the burden off of the receiving clerk. The functionality limits a requester to receive only the items which the requester ordered.

To enable a worker to receive against their own purchase requisition/order on enterprise portal, an office address must be specified on the worker’s record.

AX  Worker Office Address

The worker’s record must also be linked to their user record. This step is performed in the ‘User relations’ form.

AX Worker Record Linked to User Record

Lastly, the requester’s user will need to be assigned the ‘Employee’ security role. Security role access for the Employee role can be limited to only allow entry of purchase requests for specified legal entities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Once the requester’s purchase requisition has completed the workflow approval process, it will be converted to a purchase order and confirmed with the vendor. When the approval status of the purchase order has been updated to ‘Confirmed’, the line items from the requester’s purchase requisition will appear on the ‘Unconfirmed product receipts’ page on Enterprise portal.

The worker will log on enterprise portal and open the ’Unconfirmed product receipts’ page. The requester will select the purchase order line to update as ‘Received’ and click the Receive button. The quantity received and the product receipt number are entered to record the receipt.

AX Product Receipt Number

If the line item is partially received, the remaining quantity to be received will be updated on the line item on Unconfirmed product receipts page. If the line is fully received, it will no longer appear on the Unconfirmed product receipts page.

AX Unconfirmed Product Reciepts

Once the worker records a purchase order receipt, the receiving clerk can log into AX and verify that the purchase order line item has been received and can view the details of the receipt.

AX Purchase Order Receipt

This post was written by Robin Ellsworth, AX Application Consultant at Tridea Partners. Tridea is a leading Microsoft Dynamics provider serving CA, AZ, UT, CO, NH and surrounding regions.

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6 thoughts on “Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – Worker Receiving Against Requisition”

  1. Hi Eric,
    Navigate to the worker record and expand the addresses tab. Create a new address. Be sure to use address Purpose – Delivery and deselect the Private checkbox. You should be able to create multiple delivery addresses on a worker record which is in edit mode.

    Tridea Partners

  2. Hi James S,

    There are two options for converting purchase requisitions to purchase orders. The default setting is to have a purchasing agent manually convert the purchase requisition to a purchase order from the ‘Release approved purchase requisitions’ list page. The other option is for approved purchase requisitions to be automatically converted into purchase orders. This setting can be changed in the Purchasing policy and updating the purchase policy type - Purchase order creation and demand consolidation to allow that option.

    Tridea Partners

  3. To enable a worker to receive against their own purchase requisition/order on enterprise portal, an office address must be specified on the worker’s record.

    Ok, but how/where do you assign this address^ The field is greyed out and I cant find the alternate which would populate this field.



  4. Please help . I don’t want the field purchasers/receivers to be able to convert PR’s to PO’s if possible.

  5. Please assign the user the ‘Purchasing agent’ or ‘Buying agent’ security role. Either role will allow a user to confirm a purchase order regardless of the requisition preparer.

    The address setup on the worker record should have Purpose – Delivery at a minimum (the address can have multiple purposes assigned). Also be sure to deselect the ‘Private’ checkbox otherwise the address will not be available for selection.

  6. Hi,
    I manage to setup all this but only for the owner of the purchase requisition.
    I've 2 procurment guys with employee, purchase manager and system user roles. Those 2 users are linked to 2 workers with a work office setup as you said (the address has to be setup with any particular purpose value, or private ??).
    Anyway each worker can confirm his own PO and that's all.
    Did i setup something wrong ?

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