How to Copy & Paste GP Journal Entries

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How to Copy & Paste Microsoft Dynamics GP Journal Entries

We’ve been waiting for this for so long! It's finally here, and it’s so simple!!

All you need are the four columns shown in the table below. Even if you don’t populate the "Account Description" field, you still need to include this column in the Excel spreadsheet.


If you use Analytical Accounting, you’ll need to add "Alias" as a column in your Excel spreadsheet; otherwise, "Alias" is not a required field.

Next Step: Highlight the data – NOT the headings – and click on "Paste" in the top ribbon of the GL "Transaction Entry" window.

You can access this window through Transactions > Financial > General:


Copying & pasting your Microsoft Dynamics GP journal entries into an Excel spreadsheet is really that simple! Voilà!

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