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Empower your employees with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s new Self-Serve user licenses!

We recently partnered up with Microsoft to feature a webinar on the new Self-Serve user licenses and its functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP! Check it out on our website here:

Topics Included:

  • Overview of user license & core functionality
    • Employee Profile (Paystubs, W4, Direct Deposit)
    • Payroll Timecard (Time Entry)
    • Manager Profile
    • Purchase Requisitions
  • Overview of additional functionality
    • Benefits
    • Project Time & Expense
  • Licensing Promotions

Questions we were able to address within the webinar:

  • Does time card integrate with other attendance systems?
  • Can we set the default to “print to screen” for employees who are viewing their paystub?
  • Can you add multiple accounts for direct deposit and is there an electronic signature requirement when submitting something for approval?
  • If something gets ‘rejected’ does the user that submitted it get notified via email?

For further questions regarding self-serve user licenses, please contact our team directly at 920-687-4797. Thank you!

by Avastone Technologies LLC

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