Accounting Challenges Facing Mid-Sized Breweries

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Accounting Challenges Facing Mid-Sized Breweries


                Having a great recipe, dedicated employees, and a state of the art facility are all crucial elements in building a successful brewery in today’s market, but they are only a part of the formula for growth. Many brewery owners are able to attract capital investments and create winning recipes for beer, but the importance of a strong back office and finance department isn't always top of mind. Beyond simple accounting, breweries must account for tax and compliance regulations that can vary greatly from state to state and are tightly controlled.

When making a decision on which software solution will provide the best results for their brewery, owners and managers are faced with many choices, but most will find that a solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP that offers the highest degree of automation and ability to account for the sometimes complex brewing process is the best option for their growing business.  For breweries, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the ability to integrate software from independent vendors that focus only on the beer brewing industry and can handle everything from production control to compliance and financial accounting. Hosting your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution in the off-premise Tidestone Solutions’ YourCloud environment further reduces the need for on-site infrastructure, allowing the business owners and managers to focus on brewing the best product possible while feeling confident that they are able to accurately track and manage the back office aspects of their business.


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