3 Obvious But Often Overlooked Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Deciding to undergo a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation for your business can be one of the most exciting and important projects that you undertake. Implementing a Microsoft Dynamics GP system can be a daunting task and will definitely require an investment of time.  There are certainly a few issues that can arise so we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few very obvious but often overlooked mistakes that can take place during a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation. We see these things happen all too often, and we want you to be able to successfully avoid these common pitfalls.

Mistake #1: Lousy planning

Planning for your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation is the recipe for success, and not planning can be a recipe for disaster. If you fail to think through how your current business processes are going to change after implementation, this will probably lead to mass confusion down the line during implementation. Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation is designed to accelerate business processes and make them as efficient as possible, but this will only work if you understand how your current processes will be affected.

To avoid mass chaos, it’s best to evaluate your current systems before deciding which portions of Microsoft Dynamics GP you will implement. If you feel as if you do not have the necessary knowledge or resources to evaluate your systems, teaming up with third-party software experts could be a wise choice. Third-party experts and consultants in your industry offer lots of insight and expertise so you can be sure you are choosing the right solution for your business needs.

Mistake #2: Not choosing the right ERP system.

It’s important to choose your ERP system wisely before implementation. Many people make the mistake of simply recognizing a name and jumping too quickly to an answer. It’s also important to make sure you trust your salesperson and they are giving you good information. A Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation is an important process that requires a lot of attention, so your salesperson should be there to reassure you that they can handle your business’s needs, not just be full of empty promises.

Asking the salesperson for a few other companies in your industry that have also chosen to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP is highly recommended. If your salesperson is able to provide you with a few references (and they absolutely should be able to) then it would be worth your time to reach out to those companies to discuss their implementation process, the software and any problems they may have run into along the way. If those businesses feel good about their implementation, this is a pretty good indicator that the specific solution is also right for you.

Mistake #3: Underutilizing or not knowing how to use key features of the software.

When companies have trouble, often times we find that they are unaware of, or don’t understand how to use the key features of their chosen software. What’s the use of investing lots of time, money and resources into Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation if you aren’t utilizing the most important features? Again, most of the time, this problem can be avoided by doing plenty of research, as well as having a great partner walk you through processes you might not understand and help you decide on the specific solution for your needs. It might also be wise to create a sort of “master list” of the most important and most helpful features of your software. This serves as sort of a refresher, and could potentially become a training “cheat sheet” for new employees in your organization.

A Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation is an important task so having a solid selection process and team behind will greatly decrease the risks and ensure your company benefits from the project.

If you would like to review your own needs please feel free to contact us.

by Logan Consulting a Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner and Reseller


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