Who Wouldn’t Love SSRS Reports?

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If you are using Dynamics GP but have not yet tapped into SSRS reports, you may want to start exploring the possibility of doing so. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports are appealing to everyone for a variety of reasons. Let us give you a better idea of who would love them and why:

IT:  SSRS reporting uses an industry standard tool.  The reporting engine comes with Microsoft SQL Server.  There is no need to learn a proprietary reporting tool, so it’s easy to find people who can write reports!  Security can be set to permit users to access only the reports they have permission to view.

(For a handy install and set-up guide visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36075​ )

C-Level Executives love them – because they are Graphical. SSRS reports can display graphs, charts and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). They can also be presented in the Microsoft Dynamics’s Business Analyzer dashboard tool, which allows access from mobile devices.

GP Users: Dynamics GP comes with SSRS reports right out of the box. These are accessible from within Dynamics GP and include AP Trial Balance, Receivables Trial Balance, GL Trial Balance, Sales reports and graphs.

Auditors: Auditors love them because they export to excel. They can easily export your trial balance to excel. So your auditors don’t need to have access to your accounting system.

Non GP Users:   The reports are accessible from outside of GP via Internet Explorer browser – there’s no need to use a GP user license!

Overall, they are fast and are easily exportable to popular formats like Excel or PDF.   You can drill down from summary level information to detail information, right within the reports.   Additional reports can be created for your organization, combining data from non-GP tables. SSRS also provides the capability to schedule reports to run.

SSRS reports can be a huge help to your organization as a whole, so make plans to take advantage of them. If you are using them already, be sure to make sure others in your organization are aware of their benefits as well.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP, so you can have access to SSRS reports by visiting us at https://www.softsolgrp.com/products/microsoft-dynamics-gp/

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