Technology-Driven Investments Are Driving Growth for Specialty Contractors

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technology-enhancements-for-growing-businessesA growing business has a completely different set of priorities than one satisfied to remain modestly small, or a large enterprise that has already matured into a large, complex corporation with its own inherent challenges.

As your business grows, it takes a lot of “doing it right” to succeed. But of the many areas you’ll need to tackle, you’ll find the technology at the hub. There are four primary areas where you can leverage technology to create the revenue, employee behavior and business logic you need to accelerate growth and bring your company up to the next level:


Changing Service from a Cost Center into a Profit Center

As recently as three or four years ago, it was an intriguing idea that was debated but rarely acted on: that field service departments were seen as cost centers. But something has changed. In 2013, an overwhelming 68% of respondents indicated that they were in fact managing field service as a profit center, and 72% expected these departments not to simply drive new, untapped revenues, but to actually be profitable in the next year.

This new revenue-driving methodology doesn’t require significant changes in your business structure; the same back-office teams, managers and techs using the same hardware are simply working by the rules of a new business strategy. To put it simply, we’re talking about a proactive approach to service replacing a reactive one.

And that’s where technology comes in: a tech can only take initiative to proactively recommend to their managers the obvious, appropriate and revenue-generating upsells and spot-checks based on the information they have in their mobile devices.


Mobility means Productivity

First and foremost, paperwork is finally on its way out. Techs don’t need to collect batches of paper from the office each morning, nor do they need to file equivalent piles in the other direction. They can photograph the work done and attach those images and additional notes to the record, and all this completely eliminates the double entry of data, back at the office.


Find Your Center

Every business evolves. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a simple process, even with the best vendors and consultants. But when done right, you discover new avenues of productivity, call center operators see all customer data on one screen, and mechanics in the field have access to Big Data – and hence, the Big Picture.

This means leaving behind your collection of patched-together, disparate legacy systems and all the rest, to be unified into a single system that manages it all centrally.


Reporting and Forecasting

The Reporting module of your system is perhaps the easiest to justify from the perspective of purchase and training costs. With the right reports, you are ready to identify money that you are spending instead of keeping, employees who aren’t pulling their weight, and departments that can be earning more. What’s more, the entire art of budgeting can now be managed with uncanny accuracy as the data you collect guides you clearly to what you need to spend on and what you don’t.

Are you ready to grow your business? Contact us to find out how we can help you or download our whitepaper, Technology-Driven Enhancements to Help Your Growing Business, to learn how other companies with field service operations are growing larger and more profitable.

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