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Smartphones Can Be The Next Best Tool For Expense Reporting

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Traveling can become an expensive budget item for many businesses, in both time and money.  After meeting with prospects or customers, business travelers have to spend time organizing receipts and filling out expense paperwork.  Provide travelers with a tool that can make expense reporting easier while also controlling costs.  Better yet, you can even put it on a smartphone.

In addition to the products or documents that you want to share with prospects or customers, road warriors also need to collect the travel- and project-related receipts that are incurred during travel.  Those receipts can quickly add up in both number and amount.  Waiting for your travelers to get back to the office to transcribe data from receipts onto expense reports further delays your ability to control budgets.  Project budgets could be blown without you even knowing they were close to being exhausted.  Explaining cost overruns to customers isn’t easy and shrinking profit margins isn’t any better.

Get ahead of expense reporting and take a paperwork burden off your business travelers by deploying a better expense solution.  Concur Expense is an app that your employees can add to their mobile devices, including smartphones or tablets.  Employees simply snap a photo of a receipt using their smartphone, for example, and allocate the expense to the proper business or project expense code.  Then they can throw away their paper receipt.  As your employee purchases a meal, checks out of their hotel, or returns their rental car, they can submit that expense as soon as it is completed.  This powerful app can save your road warriors valuable time with organizing receipts and filling out expense forms.  In addition, they don’t have to worry about whether they’ve lost receipts or forget which receipts are applied to which project.

With Concur Expense, managers can have real-time access to business or project-related expenses.  They can monitor financial data and respond faster should budgets near completion.  Managers also can save time when reviewing or approving expenses that require employee reimbursement.

Lighten the load for your business travelers by offering a tool that streamlines expense reporting using a tool that they already carry – their smartphone.  Contact Concur Technologies, Inc. to learn more about saving time and money with Concur Expense.

By Concur Technologies, Inc., a Travel & Expense Solution Provider out of Washington

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