Running Microsoft Dynamics ERP without Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Why??

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If you’re already running a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, I hope you’re loving it. But if you haven’t integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a 360-degree of everything that is happening at your company, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity. Your ERP system covers your back office (GLAPAR at the very least) and, depending on your industry, probably a lot more. Perhaps Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Warehouse Management, Shop Floor Management, Bill of Materials (BOM), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)….

But what about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sales and marketing automation as well as service and case management? And that’s just the tip of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM iceberg, because now, with the advent of the Microsoft CRM Productivity Suite, you can integrate Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI (Business Intelligence), and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing into Dynamics CRM. The combination provides mind-blowing insights into the health of your sales and marketing activities. Let’s face it, if you’re not proactively and efficiently marketing and selling our products and services, you’re limiting your growth potential.

That’s why, if you’re within driving distance of Cambridge, Massachusetts, I want to invite you to a live event that we’re hosting at the awesome Microsoft Envisioning Center (fondly, The MEC).

Microsoft Envisioning Center, Cambridge, MA

It’s a unique and intimate theater experience where we’ll be presenting the end-to-end Microsoft CRM Productivity Suite. The afternoon begins at 1:30pm ET with a keynote address by Michael Katz, Chief Penguin, an award-winning humorist who specializes in helping sales and marketing professionals develop a clear plan for success. Next, a client panel will discuss their experience with Microsoft technologies. And then, as the virtual curtain rises, let the presentation begin! At 4:30pm ET the serious part of the afternoon comes to a close and you’re invited to join us for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and networking.

Did I mention that there is no cost to attend?

Seating for this exclusive event is very limited (capacity of 40), so all I can say is: Don’t Wait and Don’t Hesitate! REGISTER NOW!

Got questions? We’ve got answers at 508-485-5588 or [email protected].

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors,  Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner serving New England and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Running Microsoft Dynamics ERP without Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Why??”

  1. Using Microsoft Dynamic ERP it approaches to enterprise resource planning that makes use of cloud computing platforms and much more.
    And services to provide business with more flexible business process and useful ideas.

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