A Primer on Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Business Intelligence and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015The Microsoft vision for business intelligence is to help drive businesses to better performance by enabling all decision makers – essentially empowering all employees throughout the organization – to make better decisions.

The driving force behind Business Intelligence solutions is that companies have an incredible amount of data living in transaction-based, distributed systems and databases: payroll data, financial data, customer data, vendor data, and so on. There’s little question that a business intelligence solution can help your company understand performance, identify trends, and make strategic decisions to drive the organization forward.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a good example of this cross-product integration and offers a range of business intelligence capabilities – spanning from built-in reports and wizards, to advanced tools allowing users to gain the insight required to optimize performance across the entire organization.

To highlight how Microsoft Dynamics NAV business intelligence capabilities equip organizations to make smart decisions, it is helpful to organize these capabilities around three core business needs:



To keep business on track, it’s essential to monitor current activity and compare it to historical performance and plans. Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers monitoring capabilities to provide organizations with the comprehensive view of the information they need through Microsoft SQL and native reporting capabilities.


Charts and KPIs

Monitoring organization performance and drilling into more detail when trends are spotted provides more insight into how the business is performing. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a large number of built-in charts and graphs rendered in various forms based on role references.


Ad Hoc Query and Analysis

To remain competitive, companies must be able to compare plans to actuals, analyze that information, make the necessary adjustments, and then take action to move forward. NAV provides simple but powerful analysis and reporting tools that enable this kind of business intelligence.

Whether or not a company has business intelligence capabilities can mean the difference between real success and mediocre performance. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps enable better business insight for your entire company. With NAV, your organization can get the answers you need to your specific business questions through high-impact reports, charts and simple analysis.


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