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How a Not-for-Profit Can Gain More Financial Support

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    The goal for every not-for-profit is to increase the financial support of donors, and at the very least, maintain the current level of support. Numbers matter and donors want to see how their money has impacted your mission. Key steps to gaining financial support include:

    • Generating an annual report that includes financial charts, statistics and actual numbers. This is a great way to show your existing supporters that their funds are being well-spent.
    • Publishing statistics and the level of return on investment for those projects that were funded by donations. A positive outcome and impact will help ensure additional donations.
    • Being transparent about the strategies you’re taking to reach your goals along with the direction your organization will be going in the future.

    On May 12, DFC Consultants is holding a free webinar to divulge how an annual report can help you gain more financial support. We’ll cover the financial reports that are most important to showcase in your report and how to identify potential new donors through information you already have.


    Gaining More Financial Support with an Annual Report

    May 12, 2015 10:00 AM -11:00 AM CST


    by DFC Consultants


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