Nostalgia Can Sell Products But It’s Not Good For Business

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What’s old is new again and every few years we see a revival of trends from years past.  Some people like to relive memories by buying clothes, foods, or toys that remind them of their childhood.  While nostalgia can sell products, it can’t run a business.  Don’t hold onto legacy systems for much longer.  Old technology isn’t nearly as effective as today’s more powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Using the same business management systems that were put into place years ago may not be working in your favor.  Outdated, legacy systems can actually create more problems than they solve simply because they are aging and no longer aligned with today’s business activities.  Though you may be comfortable with disparate, specialty solutions, they may not be good for the future of your business.

Today’s integrated ERP solutions can provide more value to your business and offer the control and insight that you need to promote sustainable growth.  A robust, integrated solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, can take the place of multiple, disparate systems, improving productivity with right out-of-the-box functionality.  You can manage financials, supply chain and inventory processes, manufacturing and distribution operations, human resources and payroll activities, and other core operations from this single, centralized solution with greater efficiency and accuracy.  Not only does a centralized integrated solution make it easier to enter and access data, you can use built-in business intelligence to turn your data into a competitive advantage.

Your managers can set up RoleTailored interfaces, putting key metrics right where they need to see them.  Your procurement team, for example, can monitor inventory levels in real-time and respond faster when getting close to safety levels or make strategic purchasing decisions that can save money on inventory spending.  These dashboards make it easier for your team to find and use the data needed to make business decisions that protect profitability.

Aging, legacy systems may have worked well years ago; however, times have changed.  You can enjoy the past but take your business to the next level with stronger, more efficient technology.  Contact Premier Computing, Inc. for more guidance with replacing outdated software with today’s innovative business management solutions.

By Premier Computing, Inc., a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Utah

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