GPUG Summit Excels in Expert Content over Microsoft Convergence

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My personal experience is that the experts at Convergence are the same experts at GPUG Summit because users with real-life experience using Microsoft Dynamics GP are the experts—not the Microsoft VPs and CMOs who spin what’s next and great.

The real Microsoft Dynamics GP users are the experts; they’re the ones that provide the value. Over the past 5+ years, Convergence has offered less and less GP content. Finally, at Convergence 2015, Microsoft announced their intent to make Convergence a global Microsoft experience for the C-suite in enterprise-sized companies and suggested that Dynamics end-users go to GPUG/CRMUG/AXUG Summits. GPUG Summit has far more value for a real GP user; who is seeking real expert advice, how to use GP, and how to get the most out of it. Convergence is all about selling the next wave—what’s coming in the future.

As a fervent Microsoft Dynamics GP community supporter and ISV for 16 years, based on what I saw and translating what Microsoft is saying, they’re making it clear that if you use GP/NAV/SL you might as well stop coming to Convergence. You’re going to be bored. I’m sad for this, but I applaud Microsoft for attempting to make it clear. What is tough for me as an ISV is that we’re not sure if we should show up next year because we don’t know if this message has been heard by all GP customers. We likely will continue to sponsor until we can determine when our customers and partners stop attending. We love to meet our customers and prospects face-to-face, so we don’t want to exit too early if our customers are still attending Convergence.

Microsoft has a clear vision, not one that I’m necessarily excited about, but they do have a vision. I’m sad to see “my Convergence," the roots of which came directly from GP, hijacked into a yawn-fest of Microsoft ego. However, I’m thrilled that Andy Hafer and crew at Dynamic Communities understand what the community needs to have the best user conference focused on actual users.

Rockton Software has been a GPUG Premier Sponsor from day one because we believe when you focus on the community everyone wins.

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Written By Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

2 thoughts on “GPUG Summit Excels in Expert Content over Microsoft Convergence”

  1. Andy,

    And what’s vision without execution? Hats off to Dynamic Communities for making the magic happen in giving the Dynamics community what we want and need!


  2. Mark,

    Your assessment is how I hope the public sees Summit and Convergence. The members of the User Community have certainly been working their tails off for the last 10 years to define Summit in the way you describe.

    I guess I give Microsoft a little more kudos than you do for transforming the conferences to highlight Dynamics in their overall portfolio. With my perspective of enterprise IT, I think "Dynamics amid Microsoft infrastructure and tools" is truly where a company gains the biggest ROI vs other ERP/CRM vendors. Therefore, I am encouraged by the adjustment in Convergence and am happy that MSFT sees enough value in the community to bequeath the responsibility to us to carry on many of the Dynamics-specific education and networking traditions.

    My hat is off to you for being an early (strike that...THE FIRST) adopter in GPUG Summit. Rockton's sponsorship and support is one of the main reasons GPUG, and now CRMUG, is what it is today. You saw the vision earlier than most.


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