Dynamics GP - Vendor Item Lookup in Inventory Transaction/Transfer Windows

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Should you need to enter Item Adjustment and Item Transfer transactions and perform your Item Lookup by Vendor Item Number instead of your internal Item Number, you can change the default Lookup to Vendor Item Number.

Open the Lookup window and select the drop-down for ‘View’. Select ‘by Vendor Item Number’ under Additional Sorts. Then, select ‘Set as Default View’. You can then look the item up by Vendor Item Number. Making this the default will change the default View in every window where an Item Number Lookup is performed, FOR THE USER who sets it this way. In other words, this setting is User-specific. It won’t change the Lookup setting globally for all users.

vendor item

After making the setting change, the Vendor Item Number can be searched in the ‘Find by . . . . ‘ field. Then, expand the scrolling window by clicking on the chevron in the red circle to see the Vendor Item Number.



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