Connecting Faculty Across Campuses: Self Service ERP for Higher Education

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ERP for Higher Education

When implementing ERP for Higher Education organizations, the main focus is typically on gaining better processes and support for administrative functions and academic services.

A huge step toward accomplishing this is to provide your employees with self service functionality in their ERP solution. Self service provides a single connection point, or portal, where employees can perform administrative tasks and manage their personal and professional information anywhere, anytime. By enabling this capability, you create an autonomous work environment where employees can connect to the organization, monitor their own development, and work efficiently.

For higher education organizations, this translates to a better-informed, better-connected community across multiple buildings and campuses. Conversely, without self service, your faculty is plagued with paperwork, manual tasks, poor communication and lengthy administrative processes.

Self Service in Dynamics GP is Workflow-integrated. When an employee performs a task that requires approval, such as a Purchase Requisition, a notification is automatically emailed to the administrator who can approve it, regardless if they are in another building or campus location. Key administrative processes become consistent and standardized throughout the organization, improving accuracy, efficiency and accountability.

GP also provides the self service ability to access critical dashboards and business intelligence (BI) through the Business Analyzer. Individual employees don’t have to be GP power users, or even licensed GP users to get to important business insights.

On top of greater efficiency and a better-connected organization, self service frees up administrative and data-entry roles for more important tasks.

Self-Service with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Dynamics GP 2015 introduces a new, low-cost license type strictly for Self Service users who only need very light functionality within GP. Considering the high number of Self Service users relative to power users in a large organization, this has huge benefits for colleges and universities that can now afford licenses for their hundreds of Self Service users.

Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2, self service functionality was only available using Business Portal. Starting with Dynamics GP 2015, Business Portal will no longer ship with the product. The removal of Business Portal saves administrators time that used to be spent on its frequent, ongoing maintenance.

New for GP 2013 R2:

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Payroll Timecard
  • Project Timesheet
  • Home Page Parts
  • Simplified Navigation
  • Requisition Workflow
  • Timecard Workflow
  • Project Time Workflow

New for GP 2015:

  • Employee Profile
  • Paystubs
  • W4
  • Benefits
  • Direct Deposit
  • Skills & Training
  • Project Expense
  • Profile Workflow
  • W4 Workflow
  • Skills Workflow
  • Manager Profile
  • Manager Skills

Other Benefits of Dynamics GP for Higher Education

  • Better financial reporting capabilities to help guide day-to-day operations and make better-informed decisions.
  • Immediate access to information required for planning and managing various aspects of the organization.
  • Better, more diverse services for faculty and staff.
  • A better-connected community of faculty and staff across buildings and campuses.
  • Better tools and processes for tracking budgets, grants and funds.
  • Integrate admissions, student registration, billing, financial aid, student services and more with seamless integration to CAMS Enterprise software, our partner for Higher Education.
  • Distributed information across the entire organization.


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