Why Do Breweries Love Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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Why do Breweries Love Microsoft Dynamics GP?

The growth of any small to mid-sized business is an exciting time. Orders are flying in, shipments are going out the door faster than you can keep up, and finally, the profit starts rolling in! However, most small to mid-sized businesses experience what we call “growing pains”. Inventory levels are harder to manage, it’s more difficult to keep track of shipments, stock can become back-ordered due to capacity constraints, and all of a sudden they need to open their wallets and invest in new infrastructure or software solutions to help them maintain the customer base that has been with them from the start.

Breweries are not different in any way. Some breweries are able to maintain their business' growth using the tools they started with, but others will notice that they are outgrowing their manual processes and find they need to invest in their business to continue their rapid growth. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a mid-market back office accounting solution that offers more functionality than QuickBooks and can scale with your brewery.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is also considered a “best of breed” solution. Therefore, breweries can purchase integrated software solutions that can help ease the growth transition. Products such as brewery recipe manufacturing, paperless, logistics, and bar code data collection are just a few of the software solutions that exist and integrate directly with GP that can help breweries keep track of their growth and maintain customer satisfaction.

These features make Microsoft Dynamics GP the perfect solution for a brewery. Join the other breweries across the country who love Microsoft Dynamics GP and continue to invest in the growth of their business! Contact us today for more information: [email protected] or 207-956-6635.

By Kelley Sintz | Business Development Director

by Tidestone Solutions

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