Achieve Real-Time Operational Success by Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with your Web Store

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Operating a business comes with a lot of opportunities and benefits, but it also comes with unforeseen complications and headaches. Throw in managing an online store and you have your hands full. The key to running your business more effectivly and efficiently is simplifying the process and integrating your Microsoft Dynamics ERP to your web store. Integration leads to less time and money spent updating multiple databases, less human error and faster order turnaround.

Update Inventory in Real Time

Having correct inventory data on a web store is important for any business. But keeping track of that data and making sure it is always up to date can be a big challenge involving a lot of time and resources when it is managed in two separate systems. Integrating your Microsoft Dynamics ERP with your web store leaves you with a single source of truth, meaning every time you update inventory levels, pricing and product information in your ERP, it pushes that information to your web store in real time. This results in customers never purchasing out-of-stock or incorrectly priced items and you always being informed about inventory on hand.

Let your ERP Maintain your Orders

Having to manually keep track of current orders, invoices, customer profiles and payments is just asking for an error somewhere in the process. Integrating your Microsoft Dynamics ERP to your web store takes your business to the next level with organized account info and faster order turnaround. Online orders are automatically sent to your ERP instead of having to be manually put  in. This results in you receiving them quicker, allowing you to pack and ship them out to customers faster. Have a brick and mortar store? You can also allow your customers to order online and pick up in store for the best online, real-time shopping experience.

Imagine having an integrated web store that works just as hard as you do. The integrated eCommerce platform from k-eCommerce delivers all these features along with responsive web design, so your customers can shop with ease on any web-enabled device. For all the features k-eCommerce offers your business, check out our website. For additional questions or to see how k-eCommerce can help your business achieve real-time operational success, contact our team.

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