Top 10 Reasons Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Can Benefit Your Business

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Crestwood's Top 10 List:
How Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re considering implementing a new project-driven ERP solution for your business, check out the new version of Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015. Even if you currently use SL, keep reading to find out why now is the best time to upgrade. Dynamic SL provides your mid-sized business with the tools needed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. It comes with built-in applications for project management, financial management, accounting, payroll, distribution, field service, and more. SL simplifies business workflows and helps you connect project management and accounting, while giving insight to meet your deliverables on time and on budget.

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  1. Familiar User Environment Dynamics SL is so easy to use because of its familiar interface which is similar to Microsoft Office products like Excel, Outlook, and Word. Users will be up and running quickly, saving your business time and money due to fewer hours spent on staff training time.
  2. Increased Flexibility  Projects can be a challenge in any organization. Dynamics SL allows you to bridge the gap between project management and accounting by providing you with flexibility to your unique business requirements.
  3. Project Accounting + Project Management  Dynamics SL two-way integration with Microsoft Project Service provides you with real time data for all your projects. Using Dynamics SL ensures accuracy in your billing system, eliminates duplicate data entry, and gives you valuable insight and reports into your business.
  4. Quick Report Access Dynamics SL gives you real time report data at your fingertips. Tools like Quick Query allow you to customize and filter out predefined data. Take it a step further and export your data via Microsoft Excel for more powerful analysis tools. Or, if you have an unmanageable volume of data, use refreshable data cubes to transform your information into powerful analytics through Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.
  5. Customizations Dynamics SL includes flexible and easy to use customization tools so there’s no need to budget for extensive development. As with all Dynamics products, it’s possible to integrate with other applications via web services and Microsoft.Net Framework.
  6. Project Support Do you struggle with status updates, tracking costs and budgets, time and expense reporting, detailed compliance billing statements, and managing subcontractors? Dynamics SL is designed to support these project-based processes, keeping you on top of customer satisfaction.
  7. 24/7 Remote Access Keep your projects moving ahead with web access from anywhere at any time. Business Portal (replaced by Web Apps in Dynamics SL 2015) allows you to complete nearly any project-related task like setting up a project, creating budgets, assigning resources, or approving transactions.
  8. Easy Sharing It’s time to get organized, ditch the piles of unwanted paper, and collaborate across all departments of your company. Through a Microsoft SharePoint site, you can easily share purchase orders, shipping information, and much more.
  9. Simplify Compliance Dynamics SL 2015 allows you to keep up with U.S. government regulations while using the Government Contractor report. It even lets you store documents for future reference.
  10. Connect with Apps Web services architecture allows you to take advantage of the latest technology now while planning for future growth with your Microsoft products. As an example, you can align your sales, service, and back-office activities with a seamless integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics SL.


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by Crestwood Associates

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