Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Too Powerful for a Startup Company?

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It's overkill.

It's too expensive.

Some startup companies shy away from a full featured accounting software program like Microsoft Dynamics because of these concerns. But are these concerns justified? Is it true that Microsoft Dynamics GP is too powerful for a startup?

If your startup plans to level off and avoid expansion, then the answer is yes. However, most companies plan for growth, and startups almost by definition are going to grow.

So if your business is a startup, the question is, do you want your accounting system to grow with you? Or do you want to start basic but then be forced to switch accounting packages down the road, in mid growth?

Microsoft Dynamics GP, unlike less powerful systems, will grow with your business.  As your needs expand you can use more features of the software. You already own all the functionality you need. There is no interruption to your business as you grow.

Is Dynamics GP too expensive for a startup?

You may be surprised to learn that due to frequent promotions Microsoft Dynamics GP licenses can cost the same as buying Quickbooks. And by starting right away, you will have lower implementation and set up costs, because there is no need for data conversation from an old system.  Review Dynamics GP pricing.

Intrigued?  Read: 9 Reasons A Startup Should Start with Dynamics GP vs QuickBooks.

HealthyCT – Quickbooks vs Dynamics GP

HealthyCT is a nonprofit insurance co-op. The company briefly used Quickbooks, but still considered themselves a startup until they received federal funding to go to the next level. Then they had to decide if they were going to stay with QuickBooks and expand, or switch to a system that could grow with them.

They needed to be able to see and analyze all of their financials, and to comply with the stringent governmental regulations that accompany federal funding. Microsoft Dynamics GP could handle this better than Quickbooks. The choice was clear.

Christopher Masi, CFO at Healthy CT comments, Dynamics GP gives us security and audit trails that QuickBooks simply did not have….I think in the context of a start-up organization that is looking for a substantial amount of growth, CAL Business Solutions is certainly able to accommodate both ends of the spectrum. On one side, Dynamics GP is a cost-effective solution for a start-up, but at the same time it is a solution that you can feel confident will grow with you and accommodate a bigger business down the road.”

Learn more about HealthyCT and why they feel Microsoft Dynamics GP was the right choice for their startup. Download the full case study at

If you are a startup, or an established company preparing for growth, contact CAL Business Solutions. We will help you evaluate the features and cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Call us 860-485-0910 x4 or [email protected].

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