How your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Can Help your Business Evolve with the B2B Power Shift to the Customer

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With technology opening doors around the world, it’s easier now more than ever for customers to pick and choose who they want to purchase from. With the power shifting from the business to the end user buyer, customers are seeking out companies that can provide them with quick and efficient service. In a survey, 55 percent of respondents said they expect an increase or significant increase in total percentage of work purchases made online in the next 18 months. Using your Microsoft Dynamics ERP to its fullest is an easy way to evolve with the B2B power shift and give your customers exactly what they want.

Deliver a Better User Experience

It doesn’t matter if it is B2B or B2C, customers want to shop when they want and where they want. Giving great customer service shouldn’t stop just because you aren’t face to face with them. Providing a user-friendly web store is important so your customer doesn’t get frustrated and go to a competitor’s site. Having your Microsoft Dynamics ERP integrated to your web store ensures accuracy in pricing, inventory levels and shipment dates, so whenever you update your ERP, it pushes that information to your web store in real time. Not only is this less work for you, it also makes sure a customer is never paying the wrong price or buying an out-of-stock item. Learn more about ERP integration here.

Flexibility is Key

When dealing with multiple customers who all receive different price levels and product catalogs, organization is key so you don’t mix anything up. Setting up discounted pricing in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and then applying it to different customers or customer groups allows this information to be pushed to your web store and accurately displayed based on the logged in user. It is also critical to allow your customer to choose their payment option. Whether that be ACH, credit or an invoice to their account, this type of flexibility allows your customers to order the products their business needs and choose the payment option that’s best for them.

Give your Customers Control

Not all customers are the same and their ordering habits are just as different. Having multiple ways to shop your site as well as order items ensures each customer can browse the way they want. While some prefer to purchase new items from your online catalog, others may like to schedule recurring orders so they don’t have to worry about them. With features like order express that allows your customer to place an order by uploading an Excel file and getting an order shipped to multiple locations, you become the one stop shop they were looking for.

If you think the power shift to the customer will be difficult to adapt to, just remember that having a web store integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps take care of the problem. The eCommerce platform from k-eCommerce seamlessly integrates to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP so you never have to worry about managing two separate databases. With features including express ordering, individual customer profiles, real-time order tracking and access to historical order information, your customers will have full control over their workplace purchasing. For all the B2B features k-eCommerce offers, visit our website. To learn more and get your questions answered, contact us today.

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