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Finally – A Business Intelligence Solution that Works for Me

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I have a problem with business intelligence. Whenever I read blogs about BI, I hear the following message: decisions require intelligence, intelligence requires data, and data requires that I be an accountant and have access to our ERP software. The problem is, I am not an accountant. And frankly, the thought of asking for reports and tables, waiting days or weeks for them to be delivered, and then going through an endless revision process to get exactly what I was looking for in the first place does not appeal to me. This process leads to decisions that are not backed by good data, which as we all know, means poor decisions are being made.

Thankfully, there are tools that allow me to interact with company data without being an accountant. I don’t even have to go into our ERP software. I can simply open a web browser, sign in to my Office 365 account, and search through the data as easily as I would search for a hotel room or for a last minute gift. The tool that I am referring to is Microsoft’s Power BI product, and, more specifically, the Q&A functionality that allows me to use simple language to ask questions about my data.

Q&A is a part of the Power BI suite that allows me to access data from our ERP system as if I were doing a Google or Bing search. I simply have to ask, and Power BI will answer.

Power BI Q&A

Use Power BI to ask questions about your data.

I can also use built-in tools to develop great visualizations of the data, like Bing maps, by clicking how I’d like the data represented.

Power BI Q&A Map

The best part is that this tool is incredibly user-friendly and I do not need to be knowledgeable in database structure, ERP software, report building, or any querying languages. Once the connection to my data is made through Power BI, the data will automatically refresh, meaning it requires very little maintenance. It just works. Even if I am not an accountant.

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