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Drive Customer Loyalty with eCommerce and Dynamics CRM Integration

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Drawing customers to your website is a challenge but the bigger challenge is to keep them coming back again and again. While most brands invest a lot of marketing dollars in attracting customers very few invest in keeping them engaged. Here are few stats to help you understand the importance of retaining customers

  • The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is only 5-20% (Marketing Metrics)
  • A 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits by 5-95% (Bain & Company)
  • It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one (Bain & Company)

In our experience with dealing with a number of eCommerce companies we have realized that “Good Customer Service” is one of the most critical components of retaining customers. While customer service has always been important, increasing competition, diminishing product differentiation and ease of availability of information are few reasons which have brought customer service to the forefront again.

But with sales happening over multiple channels providing the same experience across board has become challenging; thanks to customer expectations - customers today purchase online but expect their issues to be resolved in store, order on phone but track their shipment online, etc. Now, how can businesses position themselves to meet with these challenges while focusing on other equally important aspects of their business?

In our quest for answer to this question we found that most businesses identified this as a concern and had a framework in place to address this but were not using it very effectively. They had all the tools/ software in place to record all information and a customer service team on board to use this information to address customer concerns. But the one place where they were going wrong was in using these disconnected systems to meet their requirements which lead to duplication of information, errors and data inconsistencies which ultimately hampered their effectiveness.

To overcome these limitation businesses will have to invest in a solution which can automatically sync all the required information between these disconnected systems, more importantly their eCommerce and CRM systems. Other than eliminating inefficiencies and reducing errors there are many other benefits that an integration solution can drive home like

  • Improve Customer Experience – with the information sync your customers can now very easily track the order status online or by calling your customer service representatives.
  • Empower Marketing – with all the information centralized, your marketing team can now better use the information to plan and run targeted campaigns, cross sell/ up sell/ recommend products, etc.
  • Empower Sales – your sales personnel can use the information like YTD Sales, MTD Sales, A/R aging, Credit hold flag, etc. to better negotiate terms with the customers.
  • Demand Planning and Scheduling – armed with information from across channels you can now better forecast your demand and schedule procurement/ manufacturing accordingly.


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