5 New Features of Dynamics GP 2015

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 has been released and it includes a great deal of new functionality that will make end users more efficient. If you are considering upgrading to Dynamics GP 2015, or if you are evaluating migrating from your current ERP to Dynamics GP, here are 5 features you will love:


  1. User Authentication

There now will be a single sign-on through the Web Client using the same credentials used for Office 365 or Dynamics CRM. This will reduce the number of passwords an end user will need and make the transition between applications easier. This also will allow for an easy exchange of workflows between applications.

  1. Employee Self Service Module

Employees will now have the ability to manage personal information stored in Dynamics GP such as contact information and certain HR information like dependents and position history. There will also be fields to track certifications with workflows built in so that mangers can track and approve those filed changes.

  1. HR Workflow Approval List

There will be one location for managers to see employee self-service changes and designated tasks including Timecards, Personal Profile, Skills, plus Payroll and Direct Deposit info. Managers can check boxes to indicate tasks completed.

  1. New Workflow 2.0 Approvals

In GP 2013 R2, a new feature called Workflow 2.0 was rolled out. It is designed to reduce dependency on SharePoint and increase overall process management flexibility. GP 2015 will feature four new workflow approvals:

◾General Ledger Batch Approval

◾Payables Batch Approval

◾Receivables Batch Approval

◾Vendor Approval

  1. SmartList Designer to refresh Excel reports

End users can create refreshable Excel reports from inside SmartList Designer. Reports can be created from SQL views and published to Excels Report Library. That means that once the report is opened in Excel, the view will always contain the most recent data


To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, contact Intellitec solutions at 866-504-4357.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics GP partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania

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