4 Powerful Aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Mobile App

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Creating an agile and flexible business model depends on a company's ability to leverage the right technology. Enterprise resource planning software gives organizations business solutions resources to achieve greater visibility into internal processes to develop optimized workflows. ERP software is precisely what a company needs to manage end-to-end operations, including accounting, finances and supply chain optimization. The issue that many companies face when they implement a new ERP solution is that employees have to get used to an entirely new platform that may have a completely different interface than what they're accustomed to.

Without a lot of noise, Microsoft released a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV mobile app available for the Apple iPad, Android and Windows, which will provide even greater functionality for businesses hoping to improve their mobile footprint, explained MSDynamicsWorld.com. The app was officially released on Sept. 13, 2014, and is geared toward small-business owners, according to ZDNet. It's a free download, but companies will need to already have the Dynamics NAV software implemented in their organizations to support the mobile app. It's actually one of four apps that Microsoft has developed for the ERP solutions, however the Dynamics NAV app adds touch-enabled functionality that creates a more productive workforce. Employees can tap and swipe to get a granular picture of their data and connect with other Microsoft programs. For instance, companies can look at customers, vendors and inventory in real time. Furthermore, workers can use their mobile devices to take pictures and upload them to the app to keep track of capital investments.

Maintain consistency
Considering Microsoft Windows and Office 365 are used as the primary software tool in many companies across the world, most people have grown familiar with the user experience. For this and other reasons, many companies have elected to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV as their ERP solution. The fact that Office 365 and Dynamics NAV can integrate with each other so easily establishes a sense of consistency for workers. The ERP is an extremely quick platform to set up. The function called RapidStart Services makes it possible to share data from within other Microsoft software in an instant. Deployment is rapid, which limits the amount of time and money companies have to spend working with a consulting group or other firm to get the ERP up and running.

Visual learning
Another priority for many organizations hoping to get visibility into their business processes is being able to view data in an effective and efficient manner. Getting massive amounts of ERP information strictly through lists and similar formats makes decision-making a very deliberate procedure because the data isn't arranged in a way that's intuitive for users. Data that can be visualized in real time using charts and graphs creates a much more functional framework for getting insight into business processes like order management and inventory fluctuations. Dynamics NAV allows businesses to get better information and analyze the underlying reasons for specific realities, such as underperforming regions or individuals with high-performing sales figures.

Because the tools supported by Dynamics NAV are very similar to the features of Microsoft Office and Windows in general, the implementation is simplified, allowing staff members to be more productive once the workforce starts using it. Familiarity allows employees to hit the ground running with the ERP platform and comfortably use business solutions tools. At the same time, SharePoint allows multiple people to collaborate on the same product and look at data to collectively make sense of it. Going further, communication tools like Skype, which is integrated with Dynamics NAV, give team members or clients the chance to collaborate immediately.

Mobile functionality adds to the various benefits of an ERP implementation that brings familiarity and business solutions into one integrated platform.

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