Save Time and Quickly Depreciate a Group of Assets with Mass Depreciation Reversal in Dynamics GP

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Microsoft Dynamics GP offers many fun features within the fixed asset module. Whether you are new to GP or a seasoned vet, GP fixed assets module is here to handle your every need. If it’s turning your capital purchases into an asset or simple depreciation reporting, the fixed asset module fulfills virtually every business need.

One of the great features that Dynamics GP 2013 and beyond offers is mass depreciation reversal. Prior to the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you only had the option of reversing single assets which was inefficient if you needed to reverse the depreciation of multiple assets on a monthly basis. But now, the process has become much more streamlined, you have the option to take care of it all at once.

Reversing depreciation for a specific group of assets is a fairly simple process, below are the steps you would follow.

  1. Navigate to the depreciation process information window: (Financial >> Routines >> Fixed Assets >> Depreciate)
  2. Clear “Depreciate All Assets” box
  3. Select “Reverse Depreciation” box
  4. Click on "Account Group ID" and if needed create a new group as follows:
    • Select “New Group” and provide a description of your group
    • Highlight your new group under “Current Group”
    • Scroll down to the drop down on bottom right and select “Show All”
    • Select the assets within the group that need to be reversed
    • Click "OK" and "Close".
  5. Mark the "Depreciation Target Date". Keep in mind, the target date cannot be before the first day of the current fiscal year as defined by book setup.
  6. Mark "Reverse Depreciation"
  7. Select the book(s) to be depreciated and select Depreciate at top left.
  8. Close the window.

Mass depreciation reversal in Dynamics GP


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By: Chris Butcher, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., A SC Microsoft Dynamics partner

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