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Is Mobile ERP the Next Big Thing?

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Now that the cloud is officially a thing in the ERP sector, smart companies are already thinking about what’s next. Unsurprisingly, in the age of smartphones, the answer is mobile. Have you ever been doing something in Dynamics GP and thought “I wish I could do this when I’m not at my desk”? Then you might be ready for a mobile ERP system… but is mobile ERP ready for you?

Can ERP Fit in Your Pocket?

It probably can, but it doesn’t really need to. Mobile ERP isn’t about letting you send invoices from GP in between sessions of Candy Crush. It’s about making the really valuable information available when you’re away from your desk.

Displaying inventory levels to the sales team on a client site. Allowing managers to remotely approve or deny requisitions. Letting employees leverage self-service features on their own time. These are mobile-friendly ERP functions that can boost productivity and flexibility.

It’s Not There Yet

Nobody has figured out exactly what a mobile ERP system will look like and there’s a chance it may never significantly impact your business. So, you’ve still got some time before GP “pulls an Office” and shows up on your iPhone.

For now mobile ERP has gained traction in warehouses and other locations that aren’t “mobile” in the consumer sense. Remote barcode scanners and tablets on forklifts are the first wave of adoption but it’s going to grow from there.

However, Microsoft has already started looking to the mobile future by releasing Business Analyzer R7, a 'companion' tablet application for Microsoft Dynamics GP that allows users to glean business insights from Microsoft's ERP solutions, including Dynamics AX, Dynamics SL and, of course, Dynamics GP.

by Cody Pierson, Prophet Business Group

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