Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Support Ending in 2015

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The Microsoft Dynamics GP development team has been working hard to deliver new versions of the software that include additional features and functionality. As new versions are released, older versions are no longer supported.

Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is set to expire on October 13 of this year. It is important to upgrade to a supported version to continue receiving tax table updates and year-end updates.

Version End of Mainstream Support
Dynamics GP 2015 April 14, 2020
Dynamics GP 2013 R2 April 10, 2018
Dynamics GP 2013 April 10, 2018
Dynamics GP 2010 October 13, 2015
Dynamics GP 10.0 Expired
Dynamics GP 9.0 Expired

The cost to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics GP varies depending on your specific system. To determine how long it will take a consultant to do your upgrade, we need to know more about how you utilize GP.

  1. How many databases do you have? How many companies do you have?
  2. What version are you currently on?
    • The time it will take to complete your upgrade will depend on how many versions you are jumping ahead.
  3. What third party/ISV products do you use? (ex. Wennsoft, eOne, Greenshades, etc)
    • We want to make sure that all of the cogs in your software system work seamlessly together. We'll make sure that all of your products will work with the version of GP we move you to.
  4. What SQL version are you on? What are the specifications for the processor, operating system, RAM and disk space?
  5. How many computers need Dynamics GP?
  6. Which GP modules do you want to be installed?

GP now includes several modules and not all companies use them all. If you're not using a module currently, we can talk with you about your future plans. If you're never going to use the functionality, we won't take the time to install it.

If you need assistance in upgrading your system, reach out to Stoneridge Software.

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