Benefits of ERP Automation (Part II)

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In Part 1 of The Benefits of ERP Automation, we discussed some of the reasons why automating your company’s ERP is advantageous. These included:

  • Going paperless
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved accuracy
  • Cost savings
  • Timely payments
  • Real-time visibility
  • Helping the environment by going green

These real-life companies in a variety of industries have automated their Microsoft Dynamics and other ERPs with a document management solution and are a true testament to the positive affects a company can experience when going paperless.

  1. Pharmaceuticals: One pharmacy chain found the need to implement a paperless ERP with their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution due to an impending merger. Despite doubling in size, they were able to go 100 percent paperless in the newly-merged AP department. In doing so, they were still able to keep the same number of AP employees that they had before the merger due to the decrease in time it took to process documents. Read more
  2. Manufacturing: A steel distribution company reported a 20 percent increase in the number of invoices that they were able to process after implementing a Paperless ERP solution. Additionally, they cut their daily RNI report down from $8 million to $1 million. Read more
  3. Construction: One company chose to integrate a document management solution to automate their ERP system and found that accuracy was greatly increased. The company has 12 field offices, and it was often difficult to keep track of which office and which accountant had invoices, and how much the invoices were for. After they automated the invoicing process, all of their invoices were scanned and stored electronically for everyone to see. Read more
  4. Financial Services: A bank with multiple locations implemented a document management solution with their ERP and now receives all invoices at their central location. Since invoices are being processed electronically with the ERP, they can see which ones have priority and need to be paid immediately. Invoicing procedures are now more transparent to all branches. Read more
  5. Distribution: A large food producer and distributor implemented a Paperless ERP and found that employees no longer had to look for those elusive paper copies of documents. Whether they were in the office, the field or at home, they had all the resources they needed to answer questions right on their computers. Read more
  6. Communications: A broadcasting company wanted to complement their green company culture with a Paperless ERP to help reduce their environmental footprint. The company offered incentives to its employees for being energy efficient, but the whole company received a multitude of incentives when they went paperless with a document management solution that integrated with their ERP. Read more

We can’t argue with the testimonials of these real-life companies that have enjoyed the benefits of automating their ERP solutions and  have proven that automating paper processes is a valuable asset to any business in any industry.



Nick Sprau is vice president of marketing and sales for Metafile Information Systems Inc., an independent provider of paperless document management applications serving middle-market and large businesses. For more information, visit

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