60 Seconds of ERP Tips to Get You Thru the Winter

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If you’re in So Cal or Arizona, you probably laughed at this blog title, if you’re in Oregon you cried at the short ski season we seemed to have, and if you’re on the East Coast you cringed and don’t want to think about winter lasting any longer!


So now back to the tips - When you have a question with your ERP system,  does your support partner ask you “Share your screen” to help you sort out your issue?  Does your partner offer additional insight with you along the way?


Here’s what I mean – Below are four quick answers one consultant gave this week on the way to clearing up a system issue because they did a screen sharing session:


  1. Pictures do say 1000 words.  Our consultant was able to see the steps the user was taking – and offered shortcut keystrokes along the way to save time!
  2. Right away the rep could tell the version the customer was using, the user ID they were logged in as, the company they were accessing, and the method they were using for posting (batch or transaction). So many questions were answered, and it led the way to finding out what was going on (fiscal period not defined in one case).
  3. While looking at a stuck batch, the consultant was able to see other ‘old’ batches that were sitting out there and gave you a quick lesson on clearing out the others by NOT posting by transaction (when possible) and having the user warned about the open batches by having a Smartlists for that on the user’s home page.
  4. When a report was the issue, our consultant shared facts like the ability to email, send to pdf, or put the report in a ‘group’ or on the ‘my reports’ menu to speed up the recurring reporting process.


Stay tuned for other consulting techniques from Collins for using your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software!

By Abra Gilman, Senior Consultant – located in beautiful Bend, Oregon

Collins Computing – offering experienced talent and proven technologies for ERP Solutions worldwide for over 25 years!


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