Total Economic Impact of Dynamics AX Beats Competition

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It is no secret that purchasing and successfully implementing an ERP system is quite a hefty investment for any organization, some more than others. What it does not have to be, however, is a hefty loss that requires years of recovery. As with any major purchase, businesses want a return on investment (ROI), something Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers time and again, according to a report by Forrester Research.

The report was based on interviews with Microsoft marketing, sales and consulting personnel, as well as primary data from customer interviews to create a composite organization with a complete financial model of its cost and benefit data. Using this data, Forrester was able to determine the total economic impact (TEI) of Dynamics AX on the composite organization.

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The findings were quite clear. Dynamics reduced IT operations costs and increased business value. It obviated system licenses and maintenance, resulting in 18% maintenance savings. It reduced IT team size due to the smaller effort required to support and upgrade enterprise systems. Finally, it increased productivity, created better efficiency and automation, increased sales, fostered geographic expansion without increasing workforce and ultimately saved a lot of money. As one of the interviewed customers explained, “Many of the other solutions we looked at were either too expensive or a poor fit for our industry.”

It is Dynamics AX’s flexibility to adapt to a myriad of industries, scale with the growth of a business, and expand as the business goes global that make it the ERP system of choice for a growing number of organizations. The numbers in this report are based on the respondents' use of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, but with the plentiful enhancements available in Dynamics AX 2015, organizations can expect even greater benefits than those highlighted in this report.

By Socius, an Ohio Dynamics AX Partner

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