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Support Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Support Debugging Tool

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Dynamics WavesThe Support Debugging Tool (SDT) is a suite of utilities that simplifies the task of supporting, developing and debugging Microsoft Dynamics GP. The SDT is a living application, getting updated and redistributed to its users on a regular basis based on user feedback. The best part is, it’s completely free!

The SDT is the go-to solution for System Administrators, Consultants and Support Engineers to keep GP running smoothly. Think of it as the Professional Services Tools library for your IT department.


The SDT can be used for many purposes. Here are some common examples:

  • Identify the specific series of events which lead up to an issue, or where bugs in the code are occurring.
  • Quickly and simply turn on all logging and profiling capabilities without restarting the application. This can be useful when looking at performance problems.
  • Find details about dictionary resources and other security objects.
  • Identify resources (forms, reports & tables) causing security access issues.
  • Enable and disable third party products or change the order of the products in the launch file.
  • Export data from and import to any table.
  • Run SQL or Dexterity scripts without needing Dexterity or SQL Administration Tools installed.
  • Capture and email or save screenshots of all open windows and a system status report.
  • Send email to the system administrator, even on system without a locally installed Outlook client.
  • It can assist in resolving issues with reports using Report Writer (RW) user define functions.
  • It can roll out Dex.ini setting changes to all workstations in a system.


Where it lives

Once SDT has been installed, and the Debugger.cnk file has been copied into your Microsoft Dynamics GP application folder, the SDT can be accessed directly from GP:

Support Debugging Tool



Standard Mode vs. Advanced Mode

The SDT contains two modes of operation: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode has some features that are extremely powerful. Because of this, Advanced Mode requires System Administrator or Database Owner privileges and expertise in Dexterity and SQL Server Administration.


Standard Mode features:

  • Manual Logging Mode
  • Individual Logging Control
  • Automatic Debugger Mode
  • Automatic Debugger Mode Status
  • Dex.ini Settings (4 tabs)
  • Resources Information
  • Security Profiler
  • Security Information
  • Configuration Export/Import
  • Screenshot
  • Send Email


Advanced Mode features:

  • Automatic Debugger Mode Setup
  • Dictionary Control
  • XML Table Export
  • XML Table Import
  • Runtime Execute
  • SQL Execute
  • Configuration Maintenance
  • Administrator Settings (4 tabs)
  • Dex.ini Configuration


The Support Debugging Tool is free, easy to install, and requires absolutely no registration. Because it contains such powerful features in Advanced Mode, customers must go through their Dynamics GP partner to download it. This is to safeguard businesses from accidentally causing irreparable damage to their solution.


If you'd like help installing the Support Debugging Tool, or would like to speak with a GP expert, contact us or give us a call:


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