How Can You Generate Employee Excitement for a New ERP System?

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Enterprise resource planning systems are incredibly valuable tools that help businesses reach their objectives more efficiently and effectively than before. They help to modernize resource-heavy legacy processes, cut down on repetitive tasks and generally make the companies that use them more agile in their operation. There's no doubt that ERP software has the ability to boost performance.

What ERP can't do is provide all of these benefits by itself. While it certainly is a powerful and wide-ranging tool, it's not automated. Employees still have to be the ones making the proverbial gears of the system turn. For this reason, a comprehensive training program for all staff members who use the system is vital. This learning experience has to cover the functional and technical aspects of the software with enough detail that staff can comfortably and consistently use it, of course. However, educating the company can't stop there. To truly grasp the full, end-to-end functionality of the system and understand why it's being put in place - and potentially displacing a legacy platform that staff are already comfortable with - the business benefits of new ERP software have to be diagrammed and discussed.

So how can companies fulfill this multi-tiered approach to training? There are a few tactics that help reinforce both technical concepts and the broader return on investment of a newly implemented ERP system, no matter the size of the company or the particular industry it's involved with. The encouragement and involvement of early adopters to work with more neutral or negative staff members is one of the most powerful and useful approaches that a business can take, using the position of fellow staff members as equals to help drive home technical education and the reasoning behind the purchase of a new system.

Want to learn more about encouraging employees to not just learn about an ERP system but truly adopt it as well? Read the full story on the TM Group's website by following this link.

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