3 Reasons Your ERP Should Be Hosted

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Evolving technology is always a challenge for business, but it’s also a great opportunity. Today you see many people talking about cloud technology, but cloud technology can mean many different things to many different people based on the situation. While a “True Cloud” solution is provided directly by the software developer and is housed in their data center, many people use the term more broadly. To some, if the software is provided on a subscription basis, and is regularly updated as part of the subscription, that qualifies as cloud.

While each business needs to determine which model is best for them, businesses evaluating cloud based solutions should look at Microsoft Dynamics GP. Dynamics GP can be hosted, which will bring many of the benefits of being in the cloud. Three reasons why your ERP system can benefit from an arrangement like this are:


  1. Security. The old thinking was that your data was more secure in your server, in your building where you could control security and access. The problem with that line of reasoning is that your IT staff is challenged with a number of day to day tasks, and will not have time to check firewall logs and other security measures very regularly. Having your data hosted allows for professional 24x7 monitoring.
  2. Interoperability. Hosted solutions allow for easy access for sharing your ERP data with other disparate systems, and pulling them together into dashboards so that you have consolidated financial information.
  3. Low total cost of ownership. Hosted solutions provide a predictable cost model, and reduce (or eliminate) the need to update software and hardware as it relates to your ERP. And since updates are automatic, you do not need to pay consultants to upgrade your software.


For more information on cloud based Microsoft Dynamics and to find out if it is a fit for your business, please contact Intellitec Solutions at 866-504-4357.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics GP partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania


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